Your Google Pixel could show started timers on connected speakers and displays

Google is reportedly working on a “cross-device timer” feature that would let you view timers started on connected speakers and displays right on your Pixel’s home screen.

Google Pixels are equipped with a exclusive widget called ” At a Glance ». This is used to display essential information such as the date, weather, timer or stopwatch. It also tells you if you left the flashlight on and notifies you of your next event.

Pixel 6a – Credit: Google

Our colleagues from 9To5Google discovered a new feature while digging through the beta 13.26 files of the Google application. This feature called ” Cross Device Timer ” Where multi-device timer in French would be in preparation. As the name suggests, the cross-device timer would display on the Pixel screen timers started on connected displays and smart speakers with the Google Assistant.

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Multi-device timer coming soon to Google Pixel and Nest with Google Assistant?

Google app data reveals that the Cross Device Timer feature can display ” the timer information of your home appliances “. There is also a screen icon with a speaker. This suggests that these home devices are none other than connected screens and smart speakers with the Google Assistant. The Nest Mini, Nest Audio, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max would therefore all be compatible with the multi-device timer.

With this feature, you can for example start a timer on your Nest Hub in the kitchen to monitor the cooking of dinner. If you go to another room while waiting, this timer would show up directly on your Google Pixel via the widget. Rather practical to manage all the timers started in the house.

However, we still have few details about this feature. We don’t know how many timers can be displayed in the At a Glance widget at a time. 9to5Google also doesn’t know if the widget will allow stop or restart the timers of connected devices. Anyway, this feature has not yet been officially confirmed by Google. She might come from here the release of the Google Pixel 7 a working prototype of which has appeared on eBay, but it is not certain.

Source: Android Police

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