WIMBLEDON: With this 21st coronation, Djokovic relaunches the race for the Grand Slams

He did not have a choice. Sent back from Australia at the start of the year, possibly banned from the US Open next month, and beaten in the quarter-finals at Roland-Garros by Rafael Nadal who took the opportunity to take a two-step lead, Novak Djokovic had to imperative to win this 2022 edition of Wimbledon if he wanted to keep all his chances of one day becoming the most successful man in Grand Slam history. He did it, after a superbly controlled fortnight, like his final won this Sunday against Nick Kyrgios.


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Novak Djokovic thus won his 21st Grand Slam title and this one is very expensive since it allows him to catch up with the “basques” of the Spaniard (22), forced for his part to withdraw in the semi-finals due to of an abdominal injury. Rafa keeps his hand and could put it to good use at the US Open if he is fully recovered and his rival is inadmissible. But that’s still a lot of “if”. On a purely mathematical level, Djokovic remains completely in the race.

At the same time, the Serb has also relegated Roger Federer, long leader of this star race but still stuck at 20 since the Australian Open 2018, and absent for a year due to a knee injury, to his mirrors. . At almost 41 years old, he has probably said goodbye for good to this race for major titles (but not for GOAT status). Moreover, these now 52 completed weeks of absence will earn him disappear from the radar of the ATP ranking on Monday. Bad day, really, for the Swiss…


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