US lawyer wants to ban police from asking Google who searched for what

Lawyers for 17-year-old say police violated US Constitution by asking judge to order Google to check who searched for home address shortly before he from being burned down in 2020, reports NBC News.

The request helped investigators identify the teenager and two of his friends, then aged 16 and 15, who have since been charged with 28 counts: five young members of a Senegalese immigrant family, including two babies, had perished in the fire.

People have an interest in protecting their Internet search history, which is actually an archive of your personal expression. “, explains Michael Price, one of the defendant’s lawyers: “ each of these requests reveals something deeply private about a person, things they might not share with friends, family or the priest “.

Police use of this type of reverse keyword search has become increasingly common in recent years, allowing them to identify potential suspects based on what they have been looking for.

NBC notes that privacy advocates and women’s rights groups are also concerned that keyword searches could extend to investigations of illegal abortions in US states that have banned them.


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