The Wize protocol, a technology for connected objects in deep indoor or constrained environments

Basements, buildings that are difficult to access, or even sites that cannot capture 5G, in constrained environments, meters and sensors require a connection and data processing without being in the immediate vicinity of the installation. Wize technology responds to this problem and to the needs of manufacturers in terms of connected objects.

Collect data but also…

Connecting an object is now easy, however, in deep indoor, 5G is proving ineffective. There are therefore still radio solutions, including Wize, operating with the 169 MHz frequency, secure and without interference. Wize is a radio communication protocol, which works in LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network).

Meters, sensors and other measurement and data collection objects can communicate their data in a constrained environment thanks to this protocol. By constrained environment, we mean: objects located in the last basement of a building, a car park or meters installed in manholes.

Today, this technology supports 16 million connected objects, mainly in the water and gas sectors.

Manufacturers will see an obvious use for collecting data relating to energy, water and gas consumption, but also temperature data, data relating to the capture of polluting particles, CO², humidity and other measurable elements in the air.

As for local authorities, they will also be seduced by the Wize protocol, particularly in the context of subjects related to the smart city (air quality, parking spaces, waste tank relief, water leaks, etc.).

Collecting is good, communicating is better

The interest of the Wize protocol is based on bidirectionality. As Thibaut Stabat, head of the development committee, explains: “Wize can send data but also receive information, orders and updates. This is called bidirectionality. »

This bidirectionality will arouse the creativity of manufacturers for concrete applications in order to communicate with energy distributors, local authorities, town halls and communities of municipalities, but also directly with users.

Today, the Wize Alliance association promotes this connection protocol for objects with manufacturers (energy distributors, manufacturers of meters and sensors and local authorities, etc.). The goal is to develop uses with a long lifespan (between 15 and 20 years).

The Wize communication protocol makes it possible to create new use cases for manufacturers around the world, both for the collection of energy consumption data (meters), and for the collection of data related to safety and the environment. (sensors), and why not, to detect the arrival of a flood or a forest fire…

The objective of Wize Alliance is to support manufacturers and communities, always further, to anticipate specific needs.

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