the United States asks Apple and Google to ban the application

The TikTok application, owned by the Chinese giant Bytedance, is at the heart of a controversy in the United States. Internal records unveiled in mid-June 2022 reveal that the personal data of American users is accessible and studied in China, according to the American media buzzfeed relayed by BFM TV.

In light of this new information, US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Brendan Carr sent a letter to Apple and Google. He asks them to ban TikTok from their respective catalog of applications, the Apple Store and the Play Store.

Several information would be recorded

“TikTok is not just another video app. It’s the wolf in sheep’s clothingdenounces Brendan Carr in his letter. It collects quantities of sensitive data, which are […] available in Beijing. » A request that is all the more relevant since Apple and Google claim a very strict policy regarding the management of their users’ personal data.

However, it would seem that TikTok “collects search history, records keystrokes, biometrics, text drafts and metadatalists Brendan Carr in his letter. Moreover, it collects the texts, images and videos which are saved on the application by the users. »

The Chinese social network has already been fined in the United States for collecting and reselling sensitive personal data concerning minor children to advertisers. The FCC Chairman has given Apple and Google until July 8, 2022 to comply. The two companies have yet to respond.

Data collected on Tiktok: the United States asks Apple and Google to ban the application

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