The OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Headphones, between Vintage appearance and new technology, a beauty!

If you are hesitant to buy a new headset, then read this presentation of OneOdio’s wireless Bluetooth headset. This may be the product you need, to listen to your music wherever you want, without the hassle of tangled wires.


Available in several colors, you can choose to have a black, brown, red, gold or silver helmet. Choose the style that suits you best, even for your headphones. When it comes to comfort, you won’t have to worry. Its soft cushions encompass the whole ear and are ergonomically designed to give you comfort and optimal listening. Its lightness is also a plus, which will allow you to keep the helmet as long as you wish. You can also easily store it in your bag to take it everywhere with you thanks to its foldable design.

Treat yourself to the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones at €44.99 on Amazon


Treat yourself to the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones at €44.99 on Amazon

Listening to music alone is good, but sharing your favorite music with your friends is even better. Wired or not, it is indeed possible to share your music with others. Also enjoy a fast and stable connection via Bluetooth.

If you want to call with your headphones, it is quite possible. The CVC 8.0 noise-canceling microphone allows you to make clear calls where your caller will have no trouble hearing you despite the surrounding noise pollution. You can also use your voice with voice control, where all you have to do is call Siri or Google to come to your rescue!

Audio quality

To make sure that surrounding noise does not bother you when you listen to your favorite song, the headphones have sound insulation, also allowing you to concentrate as much as possible on your videos. Original sound reproduction and music bass effect let you enjoy real deep bass music to the best. Enjoy very good sound quality.

Treat yourself to the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones at €44.99 on Amazon


The Japanese voice coil and 40mm Japanese driver diaphragm not only deliver powerful bass, but also clear vocals and crisp treble tones for hi-fi stereo sound that will delight your ears.


With its 650 mAh battery, don’t be afraid that the energy of your headphones will drain. Once charged, you have 72 hours of autonomy in front of you, before its battery runs out, which is enough for a full week of listening!

Accessories available

With the helmet, you will have access to various essential accessories, such as the USB charging cable to never run out of battery. You will also have access to an exclusive 6.35mm and 3.5mm cable for two devices that work simultaneously. The cables are compatible with various devices such as phones, tablets or even certain musical instruments. A user guide is also available to you, as well as a pocket to be able to store your helmet safely and take it everywhere.

Treat yourself to the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones at €44.99 on Amazon



Mark OneOdio
Color Silver
helmet type over-ear
Login Bluetooth wireless
Focal distance 3.5mm Jack, 6.35mm Jack
Special Features ‎Bluetooth Mode and Wired Mode, Shared Technology, Foldable, 72 Hours Use, Bluetooth 5.2, Wireless, Built-in CVC8.0 Microphone, Lightweight
Microphone Technology Omnidirectional
Resistance 32 Ohms
Compatible devices ‎Basically compatible with Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also suitable for all devices with 3.5mm and 6.35 jack sockets
Battery Type Lithium-polymer
Manufacturer’s warranty ‎If you have any questions, please contact our 24-hour online customer service. The product provides 2 years of after-sales service.
Availability of spare parts Unavailable information on spare parts

Our opinion

Whether in terms of its design or on a more practical level, the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones are very good value for money! Its sound quality can immerse you in your videos, and the acoustic insulation allows you to listen to your favorite music without worrying about the surrounding noise.

The simple fact that it is foldable is also a big plus. These are not necessarily the things we think of first, but being able to store it easily in our bags is a big advantage. The voice functions are also a plus, especially when calling someone, having car noises or the like, it can quickly become complicated.

The OneOdio Bluetooth headset is therefore a very good product, especially given its price!


Previously, you could find the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones for $59.99 on Amazon. However, it’s now 25% off, so you can grab it now for $44.99.

Treat yourself to the OneOdio Bluetooth headphones at €44.99 on Amazon

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