The Israeli army can see through walls with this new technology

It is a new advanced technology that has just been developed by the Israeli army. And above all something never seen before. According to information collected by Business Insider, this new technology can detect objects and people behind walls using an algorithm based on artificial intelligence (AI). Its name, “Xaver 1.000”, was designed by Camero-Tech, a company specializing in imaging solutions.

Belonging to the “See Through Walls” product family, the device promises real-time images. Unveiled at the Eurosatury 2022 show in Paris, it is described by Camero-Tech as an “essential system” for the military, law enforcement, intelligence services and even rescue teams. The “Xaver 1.000” could also quickly become a tool for tactical operations, as it can detect the presence of living people in rooms.


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Easy to use

The system also promises to detect the distance between people and from the system, as well as their number. He could also assess the orientation of a target and the entire layout of the room. Interesting for hostage taking for example. Business Insider says the technology is so precise that it can tell whether people behind the walls are sitting, standing, lying down, or even standing still. Just like certain parts of the body are detectable.

According to various media, the use of this new technology is relatively simple. Only one user is needed after a quick training. He can then use the interface and see the images on a 10.1 inch screen. He also seems able to see through all types of materials present in the walls.


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