The Google Assistant has a useful and unexpected feature perfect for the holidays

Thanks to the Google Assistant, you can avoid one of the most annoying situations that can happen to you during the holidays.

Maybe the next time a holiday or vacation is approaching, the Google Assistant will avoid one of the most annoying situations that could happen to you: that the mobile alarm starts ringing in the morning, even if you don’t. don’t have to go to work or school.

This was discovered by several Reddit users who, as the holidays approached, received a notice from the Google Assistant indicating the option to turn off or change the alarm to stop it ringing the next day.

Google Assistant on a Google Pixel mobile.

The mobile alarm will no longer wake you up on your day off

As 9to5Google reported, this feature was introduced with the March Android update on Google Pixel devices, as a new option integrated into the “At a Glance” widget. Since such a widget integrates with Google Assistant, you can get relevant information such as user-defined alarms.

This way, the Google Assistant can combine calendar information with user-configured alarms, to display a notification warning of a holiday, and suggesting the user to change the alarm time to avoid waking up the user at the wrong time. would normally go to work or school.

Change alarm before holiday

With this prompt, Google Assistant will allow you to change your alarm the night before your vacation.

It’s surprising that Google decided to implement this feature in the Assistant, and not in the Android clock app, which also integrates with the Google Assistant and has access to calendar information. In any case, it is a particularly useful function.

Since this option is built into the Google Pixel’s At a Glance widget, it will likely only be available on Google phones. Owners of the rest of the models will have to wait until Google decides to extend its availability to more devices.

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