The digital revolution will be analyzed at the start of the school year thanks to the Maison de l’Entreprise with “Digitalize yourself”: the future begins today…

The diaries are already darkening on the pages of September, heralding convincing meetings to follow very closely to better understand the eclectic universe of the economy. Among these essential dates, one of them must figure prominently in the timetable, crossed out in black ink and circled in red: September 8! On that day, national and regional digital experts will discuss the impact and challenges of the digital revolution that no entrepreneur can now ignore…

AUXERRE : The 21st century will be digital or it won’t be for companies and communities resistant to this technology, condemned to the caudine forks of oblivion. The sentence could have been pronounced in the past by an André MALRAUX, then Gaullist Minister of Culture. The latter prophesied long before this modernist century came about, about its potentialities to come, wishing it to be more spiritual than it is, in truth, today!

But, one thing is certain: anyone who refrains from ignoring or transgressing the appropriation of digital wisely would expose themselves to failure in their professional quest, from now on! More than a certainty, it is a priesthood for many experts and other scholars who like to discuss this subject!

The indisputable event of the economic return…

Some of these personalities, eminent specialists in this theme, will therefore make the trip to Auxerre land on September 8th during a long-awaited meeting that the Maison de l’Entreprise de l’Yonne et de la Nièvre is now giving us. at the start of the season: its back-to-school event!

A demonstration which is placed under the seal of the economy, a few days after the return of the pupils to their schools: that is to say if this new anchor point, which appeared in 2020 in the midst of the COVID period, in the Icaunais landerneau is one of the essentials. Unbreakable?

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After electric mobility – an item that could not be more topical with the galloping increase in prices at the pump – and CSR, linked to the environment, the Maison de l’Entreprise has therefore decided to tackle the one of those major subjects that make the headlines of the specialized press on the economic register: digital.

Moreover, we no longer say new technologies because “new” technologies have been part of the habits of many of our fellow citizens for ages.

Two big names in their chosen field as a breadcrumb trail…

Result of the races, the teams close to Claude VAUCOULOUX, conductor of the Maison de l’Entreprise, the UIMM and the MEDEF of Nièvre and Yonne, have been in operational mode for several weeks in order to concoct the red thread of this beautiful event to which many entrepreneurs and institutional representatives will cling. Anxious to always know more as François de CLOSETS narrated!

Above all, interventions are planned in the form of conferences by two hexagonal figures on the question: Agathe MALINAS, in charge of the theme of the “metaverse” within the international consulting firm SIA Partners and Kalina RASKIN, on biomimicry. The latter, a physical-chemical engineer and doctor in neuroscience, directs the CEEBIOS, the Center for Studies and Expertise dedicated to the deployment of bio-mimicry in France.

Suffice to say that the questions should fuse in an amphitheater certainly filled like an egg.

Make your neurons work with the aesthetes of the discipline…

This explanatory but not explosive cocktail – whatever! – on the digital revolution and its challenges will be complemented by two round tables where regional and local actors will share their experiences – their initiatives, too – in terms of digital technologies.

The first of these two analytical showcases will relate to the digital technologies at the heart of the processes; the second will insist on new uses, the emergence of new professions and training as well as the decarbonization of digital technology. In short: what to enrich the neurons for not expensive and with the skills which go well from concrete examples in support!

Learn more:

Conference Digitize yourself!

Auxerre Company House

September 08, 2022

9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Free admission

Compulsory registration on

Thierry BRET

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