The City of Happiness, magic and technology in a lost world

A planet, Héos, on which humans went to sow panic, destroy a civilization. But a revolution put an end to their power, forcing them to cohabit with the inhabitants, some of them with magical powers. The City of Happiness was connected to the capital by a destroyed Aérotrain line, isolating the places and the population which survives as best it can. Igor Polouchine and Rodolphe Gilbart built their screenplay around four young characters, all very different, young and with only one human among them. A mix of SF, fantasy and adventure well balanced in a one-shot. Drawing Fabrice Weiss. From the Shaan RPG universe.

Back to the past on Héos, the revolution, the humans whose young Ned whose armed father brutalizes him. Having a weapon is rare but you still need ammunition. His father wants to sell the cartridges and give the gun away to lure a customer. It’s up to Ned to find him to give up 20 rounds. Bolos is a buddy of Ned and scavenges for goods. He makes Ned a device capable of duplicating ammo. Honeymoon is a young Feling girl who with her incantations can heal with the help of her father. It is her grandmother that she will try to heal by calling the spirit of the king of healers, but it is not without risk. There remains the fourth of the band, Karkän who handles fire with more or less ease.

Consequences of colonization, ecology, religious obscurantism, nature and technology, a lot of subjects are covered while maintaining a sustained pace of action. The drawing goes well, the destinies overlap. The bad guys are saurians, and there’s a curious, not-so-clear healer spirit pupil. The decorations are at the height of the subject. Everything will not be simple but the thread of the story is well framed. A good pleasant moment of relaxation with this quality fiction.

The City of Happiness, Drakoo Editions, €15.90

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