The “anti-Bitcoin” now have their conference: the Crypto Policy Symposium

While conferences to promote the blockchain ecosystem have multiplied in recent years, they have come with their share of criticism. Several anti-crypto figures therefore welcome the holding of a conference that will bring doubtful people and decision-makers together.

The “anti-Bitcoin” launch a conference

The bear market is now well established, and as often when cryptocurrency prices are gray, the “anti-Bitcoin” come out of the woods. This time it was a conference that was organized, dubbed the Crypto Policy Symposium. The news was relayed by Amy Castor, a crypto-skeptic personality:

Critics of cryptocurrencies have swelled as the ecosystem has grown. On her blog, Amy Castor is delighted that the “anti-Bitcoin” finally have a platform to carry their voices:

“Crypto-skeptics have for years shouted into the void on Twitter at anyone who would listen. […] Our voices grow louder – and decision-makers listen to us! »

The aim is to be able to communicate directly with them, by providing them with new information:

“It’s a way for us to network, to connect with law makers to ensure that they have all the information they needto guide future policies. »

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The camps are organized

It is a principle of humanity: any technological evolution initially encounters great reluctance, and cryptocurrencies are no exception. Where pro and anti-cryptos come together, however, is on the need to educate and inform. Examples of policies and regulators that do not understand fundamental aspects of these technologies are unfortunately legion. However, crypto-skeptics want to rely on better knowledge to curb the ecosystem.

The conference will be held September 5 and 6 in London, and will be broadcast live. For the moment, we do not know the list of regulators and politicians who will eventually be present.

In any case, we will follow with curiosity what is said during this event. The bear market historically does not help cryptocurrencies prove their legitimacy so it is to be expected that initiatives of this type will arise in the coming months.

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