Technology at the service of prevention

In addition to the black box, Europe requires manufacturers to equip their vehicles with driving aids. With the mantra, the drastic limitation of the number of serious accidents.

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IIt’s not just the black box that will equip every new car. In 2019, Europe validated a list of driving aids which are also becoming mandatory. As with the black box, the new legislation will take effect in two stages. From this Wednesday, July 6, all new models for which manufacturers will apply for approval for the whole of Europe will have to have it. Then, they must be included in the equipment of each new car, whatever the model, which will be registered in 2024.

Speed ​​limiter : this system, reputed to be “intelligent”, will indicate any exceeding of the authorized speed depending on where you are. Bad luck for those who would be tempted to put it out of service: the speed limiter should automatically reactivate when the vehicle is restarted.

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