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Doctors gave her a year to live but Jasmin David, a 51-year-old Briton, fought tirelessly for more than two years against her breast cancer. As a last resort, she even turned to experimental treatment at a hospital in Manchester, England.

Jasmin Davis underwent her treatment at Manchester Hospital. (Map West-France)

This 51-year-old Briton who lives in the Manchester region (United Kingdom) is a miracle. In 2017, Jasmin Davis was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Very quickly, the doctors give him only one year to live. But her fate changed the day she decided to test an experimental treatment which, in 2022, allowed her to overcome the disease according to the media across the Channel. Explanations.

Nipple lump in 2017

It all started in November 2017, reports the British newspaper The Independent . Jasmin Davis spots a lump on the nipple of one of her breasts. The medical profession analyzes this anomaly and the verdict is final: the 50-year-old suffers from cancer. His state of health deteriorates rapidly and the disease spreads: lungs, thorax and lymph nodes are in turn affected. Doctors estimate he has one year left to live.

Once the news has been received, this mother of two children decides to continue her fight against the disease. Because hope is allowed according to figures from cancer research in the United Kingdom. While 55,920 breast cancers are diagnosed each year, three out of four people survive. And this is what animated Jasmin David to get out of it according to the British media.

Experimental treatment

Jasmin Davis embarks on chemotherapy for long weeks. Unfortunately, the treatment is not enough to fight the disease. The mother of the family then underwent a mastectomy (removal of the breast) the following year. About fifteen radiotherapy sessions follow, a cancer treatment method that uses radiation to destroy cancer cells by blocking their ability to multiply.

The Briton then thought she was out of the woods, but the disease resurfaced in 2019 with lesions all over the body. Determined, Jasmin David accepts a clinical trial from the National Institute for Health and Care Research at Manchester Hospital (Christie Hospital).

An experimental drug, combined with another immunotherapeutic (Atezolizumab) has the action is to stimulate the immune defenses against cancer cells. The treatment is given to him intravenously every three weeks.

“I want to enjoy life”

“Two and a half years ago, I thought it was the end. When I was offered the trial, I didn’t know if it would workshe confides to the Manchester Evening News July 4, 2022. I felt that I had to try to do something to help women recover from this disease. »

The first times were difficult. “At first I had many horrible side effects including headaches and temperature spikesJasmin David recently told the Mancunian newspaper. I even had to be hospitalized. And after Christmas, I started responding well to the treatment. »

And the results are amazing, since the doctors have just found that the disease had disappeared. A news that enchanted the woman: “I want to enjoy life to the full. Two and a half years ago I thought it was the end and now I feel like I’ve been reborn. »

On the medical side, Professor Fiona Thistlethwaite, oncologist and head of the study at Manchester Hospital, is happy with this outcome. She explained in an article on the Hospital Foundation website: “We are really delighted that Jasmin had such a good result. At the house of The Christie, we are continually testing new drugs and therapies to see if they can benefit more people. »

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