Shiba Inu Blast (SHIB)? The reasons for an imminent success!

Recently, the Herald classified the Shiba Inu as ” best choice ” from memecoins. Recent news about this cryptocurrency gives some insight into an impending Shiba Inu explosion this year.

The revival of Shiba Inu

Recently, Shytoshi Kusama lifted the hood of Shiba Inu to detail upcoming updates to its ecosystem. On occasion, he would bring up highlights like Shibarium, Shiba Woof, SHI, TREAT, and SHIB: The Metaverse. Further information remains available in our post from last Thursday.

Otherwise, you can note the advantages of the advent of Shibarium, this level 2 network supposed in particular to facilitate any form of two-way transfer of assets between L1 and L2. The promises of a substantial drop in gas costs in the ecosystem will complete the deal.

Then, it is worth mentioning TREAT, the 4e token that announces the explosion of Shiba Inu knowing that it will be used to reward users.

Of course, Shytoshi predicted that his stablecoin SHI will appeal to investors despite the negative image that this kind of cryptocurrency inherits currently. Even Robinhood seems seduced by this project.

Also, this explosion of Shiba Inu will definitely happen due to another innovation like the Shiba Woof Trading Card Game. This project is the result of a collaboration with Playside Studios.

Added to all this is the establishment of SHIB: The Metaverse which will also make its debut this year.

The SHIB is doing well

And this increases investors’ interest in this memecoin. No doubt Shiba Inu’s explosion will come soon as he is riding the waves of the current cryptocurrency crisis with ease.

Last June, the price of SHIB saw an increase of up to 45% during the June 21 music festival. 6 days later, the same trend was seen in this memecoin, with a gain of 15%. This allowed a SHIB to be traded at $0.000011.

Source: Coingecko

If an XRP whale grabs 20 trillion SHIB, it certainly sees a Shiba Inu explosion on the horizon.

With all these moves, it easily outclasses its canine rival Dogecoin (DOGE). And despite the existence of drawbacks, such as the inconsistency of burns of SHIB or the large accumulation of SHIB in the wallets of whales, there is reason to believe in this possible explosion of Shiba Inu in the near future.

Source: Watcher Guru

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