PlayStation VR2 aims high with eye-tracking technology.

Sony licensed this feature after months of negotiations with Tobbi.

PlayStation VR2

Sony, after months of negotiations with Tobii, has obtained a contract important technology for their next virtual reality device, the PS VR 2. leading company in the field of eye-trackingand announced last Friday in a press release that its advanced technology has been under license from Sony for use in the PS VR2 virtual reality headset.

Tobii CEOAnand Srivatsa said in the statement: “PlayStation VR2 sets a new benchmark for immersive virtual reality entertainment and will enable millions of users around the world to experience the new VR2 experience. the power of eye tracking. Our partnership with Sony is a continued validation of Tobii’s cutting-edge technology capabilities to deliver cutting-edge solutions at scale,” says the CEO.

Picture of PlayStation VR2

Thanks to this ocular technique, it will be possible to to control the elements of the games by the movement of the eyes only while wearing the headset. Additionally, Tobii stated that Sony will pay them upfrontand they expect revenue to be more than 10% of the company’s own revenue so far in 2022. This entity also has sells its own cameras which can follow the movement of your eyes at a price of 233 euros.

One thing that many may not know is that Tobii has a PC app that includes a collection of over 50 games that track eye and head movements. as long as you have a camera of the type they sell placed above your screen or TV.. Here are some examples of important games in this application Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Microsoft Flight Simulator, F1 2022etc

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