, a French cloud scale-up, raises $140M to support its international growth

In just a few years, has become a key player in the European cloud. A growth trajectory recently confirmed by a funding round of $140M carried out alongside Revaia, Digital+ Partners and Morgan Stanley. For Forbes, Frédéric Plais (CEO of details the objectives of this fundraising.

How did the idea for come about?

Frederic Plais : When we launched in 2015 with my partners, Damien Tournoud and Ori Pekelman, our goal was to make life easier for web developers. The observation we made at that time is even truer today. The cloud has not been simplified, on the contrary, everything has become even more complex with the arrival of containers, micro-services, not to mention the need to be ever faster and to manage ever more sites and ‘apps.

How is the experience a game changer?

Frederic Plais : eliminates the difficulties related to the creation of web sites or applications. Thanks to our solution, web sites and applications can be created and managed by development teams, but also specialized external web agencies, in different languages ​​and frameworks. The result is a form of automation that can significantly improve the productivity of digital teams, and generate significant savings on cloud-related expenses for brands.

Frédéric Plais, CEO of

What are the 3 advantages of your platform compared to the competition?

Frederic Plais : First of all, we provide our clients with unparalleled time savings and productivity for their digital teams. On average, a team can build an application in three times less time using, than if they use Infrastructure As A Service and a dedicated Devops team! On the other hand, our solution is 100% multi-cloud and is based, according to the choice of our customers, on the largest American and European clouds (Azure, GCP, AWS, OVH, Orange Cloud, etc.). Finally, we are also multi-technology, to adapt to the needs of all developers: Node.js, PHP, Python, Go. Java… All these programming languages ​​can thus be used on

You have just announced a round of $140M in Series D. What are your objectives in your various markets?

Frederic Plais : The funds will be used to consolidate our leading position in Europe, the United States and Asia, recruiting new employees worldwide to meet expansion objectives. We also intend to use a portion of the funds to fund future acquisitions to accelerate the rollout of our products, as we have been able to do in the past with We will also use this capital increase to add new functionalities, and improve the overall experience of our customers by doubling automation, in particular by updating the websites in several languages ​​and frameworks.

Can you tell us more about the ecological impact of your solution and the necessary investments you have provided to arrive at a less polluting solution?

Frederic Plais : As a signatory of the Climate Act, we are very committed to the fight against climate change, which means reducing both our own carbon footprint and that of our customers. With, our customers “spend” 5x to 12x less energy (computing power) because we offer a much better density than if they use their own virtual machines. In addition, being multi-cloud, we offer our customers the possibility of deploying their applications in different regions and different cloud providers where the carbon intensity is the lowest. This in fact reduces the carbon footprint by up to 10 times for the same workload. But we can go even further, which is why we are working today to obtain the B-Corp label. A long-term job that promises a good margin of progress for the future!

You have been a member of the French Tech 120 for 3 years, concretely, what does this bring you?

Frederic Plais : We are proud to belong to and participate in this community in France. Being part of the French Tech 120 gives us visibility and an interesting form of credibility vis-à-vis our customers, our prospects, but also potential future collaborators. French Tech’s “one-stop shop” concept also saves time in relations with the administration, and allows privileged access to its services.

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