Pixel Watch Bands & Straps Coming Soon

The Pixel Watch was officially teased at I/O 2022, and we’ve since released processor and battery details for the past few weeks. 9to5Google can now report on Google’s plans for a fairly extensive collection of Pixel Watch straps.

Google’s first wearable device has a proprietary tape system to make swapping easier. The connection mechanism on the side of the watch is quite large, compared to other devices, and not a simple plug-in. It involves inserting them at a slant, then sliding, if not clicking, into place. A brief video of the footage was shared at the unveiling, and it remains to be seen how it works in practice.

At the event, the Pixel Watch was shown off with a type of band in a handful of colors. It appears to be made of a soft touch silicone and works just like Fitbit’s infinity bands where there are two loops and a peg. The extra loop, compared to Apple Watch sports bands, means it’s slightly harder for everything to come undone without you noticing. This is the main band and will be included with the Pixel Watch out of the box.


According to sources familiar with the matter, Google is preparing at least seven bracelets for the Pixel Watch, including the default option already presented last month. Not all designs could be released, and we’re not sure if they’re all made by Google Accessories.

Pixel watch straps in development

Starting with the high end, Google is working on a Milanese style band for the Pixel Watch which features a woven stainless steel mesh. The clasp – how the band closes – is magnetic, just like the Apple Watch. This strap will visually match the three available Pixel Watch case colors: silver, black, and gold.

There is also work on a link bracelet, which are the solid metal bands often seen on Rolex and Omega watches. Each link (rectangular piece of metal) connects to the piece after and before it. Depending on the production process, these can get very expensive, with Apple’s version starting at $349 and featuring a new resizing mechanism that simply requires a button press instead of needing to be pressed. on the pins. Fossil charges about $50 for some of its link bands.

Apple Watch Milanese Loop | Link Bangle

Both of these styles will push the Pixel Watch, which is only available in a stainless steel case, into more high-end markets. This will be facilitated by two types of leather bands which are distinguished by style and lighter or darker shades.

At the more affordable end of the spectrum are tissue and stretch bands. The latter style owes its popularity to the Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop and is one piece. Cloth bands are more conventional in both material and clasp mechanism.

Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop | Fitbit woven band

To recap, we’re aware of Google’s work on seven watch straps for the Pixel Watch. It’s unclear if they’ll all launch or when, but having as many styling options as possible is key for any wearable. The Pixel Watch in particular has a custom connector that could impact the availability of third-party options.

  • Stainless steel mesh band
  • Link bracelet
  • 2 leather straps
  • fabric tape
  • stretch band
  • silicone band

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