Omi raises €6M to deploy its 3D technology

Hugo and Paul Borensztein – respectively ex-Director of Southern Europe Operations at Facebook/Instragam and ex-Software Engineer at Zenly/Payfit – launched Omi in 2020, during the first lockdown. By combining their strong business and tech experience of brand marketing issues, they identified from this period the spectacular increase online in the permanent needs of the latter in content, and this, on all media.

In concrete terms, the startup is radically transforming the creation of product visuals thanks to its ultra-realistic 3D technology, while empowering brand marketing teams. From digital to e-commerce via print, they are then equipped with a revolutionary tool allowing them to generate professional quality product visuals, in a few minutes, without technical skills, at a very competitive price. They therefore no longer need physical production for these, both for a product packshot and a video story.

Thus, brands see it as an opportunity to create innovative and tailor-made supports, while respecting their brand image and their standards. Ultimately, they disrupt the day-to-day life and the pace of content production for marketing teams, which until now took them more than one day a week.

At the same time, Omi opens the doors of the metaverse to brands. As reality becomes augmented (AR), mixed and virtual (VR), a whole new dimension is now opening up to them with the emergence of metaverses. The solutions developed by Omi are already enabling them to do so by transforming their 3D products into NFT, while offering e-commerce and shopping 3.0 experiences in AR and VR.

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