MetaMask and Infura now integrate ZK-rollup technology thanks to a partnership with StarkWare

ConsenSys, the firm behind the MetaMask digital wallet and the development solution for Ethereum (ETH) Infura, has just formalized a partnership with StarkWare. To this end, the wallet and the node infrastructure will be able to benefit from the advantages offered by the StarkNet overlay, both for users and for developers.

ConsenSys partners with StarkWare to develop multi-chain

ConsenSysthe firm behind the famous Ethereum wallet (ETH) MetaMask and development solution Infurajust partner with StarkWare in order to “ participate in the construction of a multi-chain future “.

StarkWare is the company origin of StarkNetan overlay (layer 2) of the Ethereum blockchain based on ZK-rollup technology (like dYdX or Loopring), which offers many advantages, including benefit from the security of the mother blockchain while simplifying transactions.

The partnership between the 2 entities will make it possible, in summary, to integrate this technology both on MetaMask and on the Infura node infrastructure servicewhich were previously limited to applications compatible with theEthereum VirtualMachine (EVM).

For the moment, this integration remains limited because it is still in the test phase. As for MetaMask, developers can start building on the test environment MetaMask Flask just using MetaMask Snapsa novelty allowing to extend the capacities of the basic wallet.

The integration will be done so that MetaMask users can interact with StarkNet without them having to create a dedicated account.

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Integration on Infura to promote application development

Broadly speaking, Infura is a development solution dedicated to the creators of decentralized applications (dApps) wishing to build on the Ethereum ecosystem in optimal conditions. To this end, Infura provides them with a wide range of tools such as a dedicated API.

The implementation of the StarkNet network will bring developers a multitude of advantages, among which greatly reduced transaction fees (thanks to ZK-rollup technology) as well as increased scalability, reduced transaction completion times and interoperability with other networks.

For the moment, theStarkNet integration on Infura is still in private betabut remains accessible by registering on the dedicated waiting list.

“Infura is one of the world’s leading blockchain development suites. As such, StarkNet – the primary second layer on Ethereum – sees the strategic importance of providing the growing StarkNet ecosystem with access to the best set of tools to query and analyze the state of StarkNet. This is an incredibly significant step forward for StarkNet. »

Currently, StarkNet is the 15th overlay of the Ethereum blockchain in terms of total value locked (TVL), but is experiencing dazzling success, all accentuated by the fact that it is still in the Alpha phase since it is still very young.

Its success was recently crowned by a fundraising of 100 million dollars for StarkWare, raising the company’s valuation to over $8 billion.

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Sources: ConsenSys, L2Beat

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