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Sistrix has published, as usual, his analysis of the big winners and losers from the Core Update at the end of May at Google. Among them, some big names on the French Web take a significant slap in the face. Were the methods used for their SEO considered a little too “limited”?…

At the end of May 2022, Google launched its latest core update, brilliantly named “May 2022 core update”. A few weeks later (updates always take a little time before ending) and as often, Sistrix offered on its site an analysis of the winners and losers of this update.

The different trends observed in France were as follows:

  • In all countries and France included, sites that have taken content from Wikipedia to modify it (eg change the layout, paraphrase or translate it) have been penalized very heavily. Taking content from the World Encyclopedia to “make good text weight” no longer works.
  • The Deezer site is growing strongly, as are sites offering song lyrics.
  • Scraping content from other sites generates a visibility penalty.

Here are the winners according to Sistrix’s methodology, based on its site visibility measurement system, if we take into account the dead loss of these visibility points:

The winners of the May 2022 Core Update (loss of the number of visibility points). Source: Sistrix

And if there are winners, there are automatically losers, and among them big names from the French Web:

The losers of the Core Update of May 2022 (loss of the number of visibility points). Source: Sistrix

And if we now take into account the percentage of loss of visibility (which is perhaps more telling when we want to measure the “gadins” that a site takes during this type of update), here are the main losers:

May 2022 Core Update losers (visibility percentage losses). Source: Sistrix

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