Jacques Monclar: “More offensive potential in Minnesota” for Rudy Gobert

“Seeing Rudy Gobert exchanged by the Jazz, is it a surprise?
We understood in the words of each other that there was like a bug after the elimination in the play-offs (2-4 against Dallas). When we felt that Donovan Mitchell would not move, we could imagine that the change would concern Rudy.

“I’m not far from thinking that Rudy Gobert is going to a better team”

This destination, Minnesota, which already has an All-Star interior with Karl-Anthony Towns, is it surprising?
Karl-Anthony Towns is a pivot who can play position 4. He remains on his best season. His association with Rudy Gobert is rare in the modern NBA, but if Minnesota wants to win, it has to be done differently. We wonder how they are going to defend on the vanishing 4 positions but we must not forget that they can make them pay in attack.

Minnesota also has another star: fullback Anthony Edwards…
There’s the Edwards phenom, point guard D’Angelo Russell. In fact, I’m not far from thinking that Rudy Gobert is going to a better team. For me, there is more attacking potential at Wolves, more players capable of catching fire and putting 40 points in a game. Rudy is now mature, he just turned 30 (June 26) and now has this new challenge: to go far in the play-offs with Minnesota. »


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