In Charente, technology to the rescue of firefighters

Cognac, it was in the middle of the night, The driver could have waited a while before being discovered.

Digital technology has been disrupting the daily lives of emergency services for several years. For firefighters, applications are becoming decision-making aids. Location accuracy, live vision of the theater of operations, technical sheets have become valuable auxiliaries “which allow the appropriate means to be engaged without loss of time”, emphasizes Stéphane Moussay. Provided that the technology is mastered.

The e-call is an illustration of this. “It’s pretty regular. But not yet exponential. Maybe 70 calls since the beginning of the year”, estimates Lieutenant Stéphane Moussay, at Codis. But it is difficult to assess the extent of the nuisance calls phenomenon. In 2021, 19 emergency calls really resulted in an intervention, for a real disaster. There have been seven since the start of the year.

The biker’s cat

We do not count in these the cat of the biker who crushed the button. “ The platforms call us when it is necessary to remove a doubt, that the motorist does not answer. » This was the case a month ago in Cognac. A shock. Violent enough to activate the system. The firefighters knew where to go, what was the brand, the color, the type of car, its fuel… The platforms are multiple, managed by insurance companies or manufacturers, but the calls always end up with the firefighters. For them, it can be a plus. “Cognac, it was in the middle of the night, remembers Lieutenant Moussay. the driver could have waited a while before being discovered”.

The editorial staff advises you

All new vehicles are now equipped, but not all motorists are necessarily aware of it. “Today, we are not overwhelmed with calls”, concede the firefighters. But what can avoid a waste of time could become one if resources had to be sent for each untimely tripping. The counterpart is that “If it’s the app that helps save a life, it’s won”.

Geolocation and tablets

This is the first of the revolutions for the emergency services. : the geolocation of calls has made their lives a hell of a lot easier. “The ‘where are you’? ‘In the forest of La Braconne’ no longer exists. » Calls to 18 can thus be located with precision and the resources engaged without loss of time. In the past, paper cards and staff maps made it possible to do the job. Today, all fire brigade vehicles are equipped with a tablet, which offers much more than a route. technology has made it possible to provide an additional flow of information. All the parameters of an intervention are entered into the machine.
You can even find the technical sheets (FAD for decision support sheet, or extrication) that car manufacturers are required to deliver. Today, some vehicle models are so reinforced that it becomes impossible to ” Caesarize » passenger compartments without the use of the Super road rescue vehicle, designed for heavy goods vehicles or trains. “It allows us above all to locate the essential elements, such as the battery. And to avoid areas not to be cut”.

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