How to Set Up a New Google TV User Profile on Android Devices


GoogleTV is a software application that runs on a number of Android TV Devices. It was formerly known as Google Play movies and TV. It is a user interface that compiles all the content from a wide range of well-known streaming services. Google TV also lets you buy or rent movies and TV shows.

Everyone in your home can have their own personalized space with Google TV profiles using their Google Account. A personalized profile will give you recommendations for TV shows and movies specific to you, easy access to your watchlist, and assistance from your Google Assistant.

Google TV forces you to use different email ids for each profile, unlike Netflix and many other streaming services where you can setup all profiles under one mail id. The company requires each user profile’s email ID to be distinct.



Open the Google TV app.



The profile picture or initials can be found at the top right of the Google TV home screen.



Click “Add Account” after selecting your name.


Select Add a new account and sign in to the desired Google account.


Complete the profile setup by following the additional instructions.


You can select which streaming services to use with the new profile.


Your media and activity are synced across all devices you’re signed in to. You can use your smartphone as a remote control and stream movies and shows to your smart tv. Some TVs may not have profiles available yet.

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