How to Hack Google Chrome Dinosaur Game?

Most of us have seen the “No Internet” error message in Google Chrome. In fact, you can turn the error page into an endless running game called dino. In this game, you play as a dinosaur who must record his record by running and jumping over obstacles. In this article I will teach you how to make dinosaur invincible and hack the so called game. So read this article till the end and learn how to hack Google Chrome Dinosaur Game.

Dino Game Instructions:

  • Log in to the game: If your internet is connected, you can connect to the game via the chrome://dino
  • Jump or start: You can use spacebar or Up keys to jump into the game or start the game.
  • stop the game: You can use the Alt key to stop the game.
  • Game mode: The game switches to black mode every 100 points after 700 points.
Login to Dino game on Google Chrome


Step 1. The first step is to access the Dino Game on Google chrome, if you are disconnected from the network, it will appear when you search for something. If you have an active internet connection, just type chrome://dino and press.

2nd step. Once you have access to the game, we want to make sure that the game does not stop. Right-click on the game screen anywhere and select Inspect from the menu. Or you can use Ctrl + Shift + I. This opens the source code version of the main web game page, then navigate to the Section > Console tab.

Open inspection item

Once you’re on the console, you can enter one of the following codes to make adjustments to the game.

1. Speed ​​up the game: If you think this game is not difficult at normal speed, then this hack is for you! There is a secret method you can use to increase the speed of the little dinosaur and make the game more challenging and interesting. All you have to do is put the following code snippet in the Console tab.


After inserting the code in the console tab, press the enter key and your dinosaur’s speed will increase in a short time. If you still want to speed up the game more than it is, just increase the number in the brackets. Remember to press Enter after each command.

2. make it immortal dinosaur: Another way to hack google chrome dinosaur is to hack immortality or unlimited life. Personally, I call it cheating for obvious reasons rather than hacking, but I’m going to share it with you anyway. If you want to beat or win your friends or acquaintances in the Chrome Dinosaur game, I have a small piece of code that can immortalize your dinosaur. To immortalize, simply copy and paste the following code into the console tab and hit enter.

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

The code above stores the main GameOver function of the game code in a static variable called the original (this helps restore performance). Now place the following code in the console tab and hit enter.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

This code replaces the main game over function with an empty function. That’s what makes a dinosaur immortal.

3. Make the dinosaur deadly again: If you are fed up with the unlimited lifespan and want to return the game to its normal state, just paste the following code in the console tab and press enter.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

By entering this code, we actually recover the gameOver function by restarting the original function that we have returned to its default state in the “original” variable.

Hack Dino Game in Google Chrome

4. Increase dinosaur jump: To change the height of the dinosaur jump, you can change the number in the brackets of the following code, then press the Enter key. For example, we set the jump height to 10.



Well, this is the message that helps you to hack Google Chrome Dinosaur Game when you are not connected to any network. I hope this article helped you and let me know your thoughts regarding this post.

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