How To Enable RCS Messaging On Samsung Android Devices 2019

In this feature, we will show you how to enable or enable RCS messaging in Google Messages for all Android devices like Samsung. Old and boring SMS messages – RCS messages are the future. For RCS messages that have never been activated, the default text messaging app on your phone is a chat service such as Whatsapp and FacebookMessenger, short of “communications intensive” services. This means real-time typing, group chats, audio, video, and even interactive content. RCS messaging on Android Samsung

Hey, that’s it. Unfortunately, it’s not there yet. When RCS messages are deployed, they do not arrive quickly, as it depends on each operator triggering the service. For those of you on Google Fi who appreciate RCS notifications, you’ll have to wait for each company to turn on the switch on another major US carrier.

What you will learn in this guide:


What is RCS messaging on Android?

If you’re unfamiliar with RCS, the really short version is that it adds a lot of extra functionality to the basic SMS experience we’re stuck with here in the US. It’s more like iMessage or an instant messaging app, giving you things like SMS prompts, better group chats, better file/media sharing support, and read receipts.

While Google took over the rollout of RCS in Europe earlier this summer, we’ve been stuck with the slow and inconsistent tyranny of various incompatible carrier implementations here in the US, where certain combinations of devices and carriers work. in different ways, with different network interoperability. While carriers have recently promised to fix this kind of problem, this solution completely bypasses them. RCS messaging on Android Samsung

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How to Enable RCS Messaging on Google Messages on Android (Samsung) Devices

In this article, we are showing the process which has been done on Samsung devices and this method works perfectly on all Samsung devices. Deployment is legal in the UK, France and the US. This means that you can enable these features as long as you use the official Google Nachrichten app. In these countries, it doesn’t matter if your operator or provider officially supports RCS. There is still the unofficial way to enable RCS if you are not in one of these countries, as we clarify below. RCS messaging on Android Samsung

So here are the steps, follow each step carefully, then you can enable/enable RCS messaging on Google Messages on all Android devices. Recently I enabled the RCS feature on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and it works perfectly.

Step 1. Go to Google Play Store and download the “posts” app from Google.

2nd step. On the same page you installed the Messages app. Now scroll down and you will see a section called “Join the beta“. To join the beta press “Rejoin“. It takes a few minutes to join and then close the Play Store.

Step 3. Now relaunch the Google Play Store. Type posts then press it. Here you will see an update option. Tap on “Update“.

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

Once this process is complete, restart your Android phone.

Step 4. Go now to Settings > apps > Services to carriers. If you don’t have this app. Go to Play Store and download “Services to carriers“. If you have “Carrier Services”, tap on it, then tap on “Storage” select “Erase data“.

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

Step 5. Go again to Settings > apps > posts. What I mean is find the Messages app from Google, then tap “Storage” and select “Erase data“.

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

Step 6. Go to Play Store and download “activity launcher“.

Step 7. Open the “activity launcher” application. Scroll down and find the posts app and then tap it.

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

activity launcher

Step 8. After pressing the posts app, scroll down then tap “Set RCS Flags“.

iMarkup 20191119 130031 min

Step 9. Under the “ACS-URLselect “”http://rcs-acs-prod-us.sandbox”.

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

Step 10. Under the “OTP-Model», select the only available option. Who is ‘YoursMessengersverificationscodesissG-(d{6}).’

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

Step 11. Click on “Apply“.

How to enable RCS messaging on Android (Samsung) devices 2019

Step 12. Go ahead Settings > apps > posts then press “Force stop“.

iMarkup 20191119 130149 min

Step 13. Now open Google Messages app, you will see “Messages got better” or press the three points at the top right then select “Settings“Press on”Chat Features” here you will see Status related. RCS messaging on Android Samsung

iMarkup 20191119 130211 min

It will take a few minutes, but you’ll be ready to talk once it’s done. How not to use this new feature? Feel free to share it with everyone you know who also has an Android phone. RCS gives you access to the ability to attach large video files, high quality images and more, with a number of different features, including real-time delivery and receipts, than SMS and MMS n have ever had, including when other people are typing.

So far, it seems to work on different Android versions, different Android phones and different countries. In the United States, Canada and various European countries, we have tested it. It seems that dual SIM phones are the only problem and currently there is no solution. As long as the Messages beta is available on your mobile, it should work for you. Let us know how it goes for you, and good news! RCS messaging on Android Samsung

So, the question was how to enable RCS messaging on Android devices, especially Samsung smartphones.

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