How To Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode On Android Pie 2019

Hello and welcome, In today’s article, we would like to guide you on how to enable google chrome dark mode on android pie. Currently, most Android devices are running on the Android Pie version, so we decided to stick with this particular topic which is Google Chrome dark mode.

For your information, dark mode has been slowly and gradually rolling out to the Android version of Google Chrome as part of the app’s most recent updates. Finally, we can all look at our phones a little more comfortably, especially at night, without having to activate night reading modes or other settings and this can also be beneficial for increasing battery life.

Also, Google Chrome is the official app browser of Google and most Android users prefer Chrome browser instead of using third-party browser apps. As Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser, we need to enable dark mode to take full advantage of using Chrome browser during nighttime reading or searching activities.


What you will learn in this guide:

How to Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode

The new dark mode is available in the latest stable version of Chrome, so you don’t have to mess with experimental apps like Chrome Dev or Canary. You just need to activate the built-in dark theme or simply activate the flag.

Here we are going to provide two different methods to enable Dark Mode on Google in Android Pie. So read till the end and follow each step carefully.

  • 1. Using Google Chrome built-in functionality
  • 2. Activation indicator

To note: The step was tested on Samsung Galaxy S9+ running Android Pie 9.0.

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Method 1 of 2: Using Chrome’s built-in feature to enable dark theme

In this method, unfortunately, you will not encounter a completely dark mode or a completely dark background. With this method, you can only change the Google theme to dark theme mode or only the Settings menu turns into a dark theme while most of the screen remains white like web content etc.

Step 1. Open Google Chrome and press the three points (Menu) in the upper right corner.

How to enable Google Chrome dark mode on Android Pie 2019

Google Chrome

2nd step. Press on “Settings”.

How to enable Google Chrome dark mode on Android Pie 2019

Step 3. Under the Basics submenu, you will see “Theme” and press it.

How to enable Google Chrome dark mode on Android Pie 2019

Step 4. Here you will have three options: 1. System fault 2. Light 3. Dark. Press on “Dark” to activate.

How to enable Google Chrome dark mode on Android Pie 2019

Step 5. After applying the Dark theme you will see a very slight change in your Google Chrome browser. Here is the sample.

How to enable Google Chrome dark mode on Android Pie 2019

Method 2 of 2: Enable dark mode on Google Chrome by turning on the flag

If you are not satisfied with the first method, the second method would be an ideal solution to enable dark mode. In this method, the entire screen turns into a black background which is good enough to use.

To note: To enable dark mode option, you need to be running Android Chrome app version 74 or higher or download the latest version from Google Play Store.

To know the version of Google Chrome press dots (Menu) > Settings > About Chromehere you will find the chrome version.

Step 1. In Chrome, type “chrome://flags” in the URL bar and press “Go” this will take you to Chrome’s flag settings, which we’ll need to change to see the dark mode option in Chrome’s settings.

iMarkup 20191015 115219 min

2nd step. Press the “Search for Flags” box and enter the word “dark”. Here you will find three options: ‘Android Web Content Dark Mode’, “Android Chrome UI Dark Mode” and ‘Dark mode security interstitials‘. If you activate the first option, Chrome will detect if a site’s developers have created a dark version and select it automatically. If there is no dark version available, the browser will invert the colors of the site. Activate the second means that the browser interface itself will turn dark.

iMarkup 20191015 115324 min

Step 3. Now press the scrolling menu under each of these options to enable all three possibilities and press “Now restart” in the lower right corner to make the changes the next time you relaunch Google Chrome.

iMarkup 20191015 115503 min

With this method, it applies a dark theme to the main browser UI including new tab page, tab switcher, address bar and various app menus.

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Dark Mode can be a very useful feature on Chrome and we have provided two different methods to enable Dark Mode. Just the mentioned steps and you are ready to enjoy dark mode or dark themes on Google Chrome.

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