How to Check Google Play Protect Certificate on Android Devices

Google provides Android updates with security against unwanted bugs and viruses that can cause your device and data compromise. Moreover, the built-in Play service lets you entertain yourself with the third-party app.

On the other hand, Google provides you with access to check if your Android device is Play Protect certified, to ensure device security and compatibility to run apps, and to maintain the consistency and security of your Google device. .

In other words, if your device has a Google Play to protect certificate, then it only shows apps licensed for Google with passing Android compatibility tests. Notably, the certified smartphone is compatible with Google apps like the Google Play Store, Gmail and more.


If you’re using an unauthenticated device, Google won’t verify that your device’s app is correct. Additionally, devices are vulnerable to security risks as they cannot receive system or application updates. This also means that your data will not be backed up and synchronized with Google services.

On the other hand, if you are using the latest Huawei smartphone, you will not find Google Play services. This is due to the termination of the partnership between Huawei and Google, which prohibits Huawei from using GMS. For Huawei users, the Chinese tech giant is launching its own Mobile Services HMS as a replacement for GMS, but it’s still under development.

Here you can check the guide to see if your Android device is Play Protect certified or not:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app

  • Now click on the profile icon

new google play

  • Go to settings
  • Under About, scroll down to find Play Protect Certification

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If you find that “device is not certified”, immediately contact your device manufacturer and request a fully tested and certified Play Protect device. The Google Play Protect certificate helps protect your device from all threats.

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