How Sam Bankman Wants To Save Crypto From Bankruptcy With Billions

In the midst of the general sinking of the crypto market, some have perfectly understood that a conversion into a buoy seller could make the difference for the future. Sam Bankman-Fried, emblematic boss of the FTX trading platform and the Alameda investment fund, is thus currently and more than ever the savior of an ecosystem that is taking over. And through his recent statements, he explains that he still has a few billion under the (sea)foot if needed.

O capital, my capital

“The worst of the liquidity crisis is over.”

It is with this start that will put some balm on the recent scars of some that Sam Bankman-Fried gives the Reuters press agency an update on the crypto industry. An industry in bad shape after the recent cyclones Terra Luna and Celsiuswithout even counting their different replicas, some of them nothing less than surreal…

And if the young boss of the investment fund Alameda has recently been able to take on the enviable role of choosing who will benefit from a lifeline (like BlockFi) and who will have to be abandoned to his sad fate in the abyss of liquidation (Celsius, who nevertheless tries against all odds to regain his breathing), Captain Sam Bankman-Fried explains that he is still able to provide assistance to the industry.

” My society [le fonds d’investissement Alameda] and I still have a few billion left to support struggling companies that could further destabilize the digital asset industry.”

“A few billion” therefore, representing a reassuring beacon in an uncertain ocean, whose light has obviously not escaped the many players who are currently struggling to keep their heads above water. Either they were exposed more or less directly to the consequences of the collapse of the LUNA ecosystem, or even that the concomitant bear market put them in great operational difficulty, for lack of sufficient activities and finances.

“We are starting to have a few more companies contacting us. These companies are generally not in catastrophic situations, although some small crypto exchanges can still fail and disappear”

Already imposing in recent years, the FTX-Alameda liner seems to be sailing solidly despite the current bad winds. Enough to become a flagship of the next economy?

Troubled market times are interesting in that they help identify the strongest players on which to build the next wave of growth. As such, and in view of the above, registering on FTX could be the right idea at the moment (affiliate link).

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