Google TV will automatically install your streaming apps and identify you

To make it easier to set up a new smart TV or dongle, Google TV plans to download streaming apps you’ve used before. The firm also plans to automatically identify you to these applications for a quick and efficient installation.

Setting up a Google TV device is relatively simple. Indeed, by logging into your Google account, you can install your favorite applications and identify yourself on the various available streaming platforms that you use.

But the Mountain View firm wants to make configuring a new Google TV even more intuitive for new users. As 9to5 Google reports, the latest version of the Google TV Setup app will automatically install your favorite apps as well as allow you to automatically connect to your streaming platforms.

Easier and faster setup

The media dug into the source code of the latest version of Google TV Configuration (version 1.0.4508) and found a very interesting novelty. It will allow new users of a Google TV device to install and connect to streaming platforms. A useful feature that will make installing and configuring a device compatible with Google TV even easier and faster than it is today.

“Several applications are delivered with your TV and will be installed during setup: %1$s. Additionally, apps for your subscriptions will also be installed. »

Google TV Setup

This concerns both streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, as music streaming apps. To automatically download and sign in to these apps, Google TV will use your Google Account information to install and identify you to the platforms you use on your Google TV device. It will work just as well on a smart TV as it does on the Nest Hub or your smartphone.

In other words, rather than using the Google Assistant, the Google TV app will make a copy of your data from another device to identify you.

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