Google Maps Offers New Store Locator Integration Features – SEO & Engine News

For sites offering a Store Locator to their visitors, Google Maps has just announced new features for updating information and booking appointments, as well as a new dashboard allowing to obtain statistics of using the tools provided…

Google Maps recently announced new possibilities for website publishers looking to integrate geographic and cartographic type information into their sites.

The Google Maps Platform developers offer is therefore enriched with new features, namely:

• Of the recommendations throughout the implementation of the integration, offering several solutions and tools as the implementation progresses.

Example of recommendations during implementation. Source: Google

• The solution Locator Plus which allows you to easily import your business details from your business profile, explore, customize and deploy information in multiple places. For example, a change in your Business Profile will be reflected in the Store Locator on your website. These changes may relate to schedules, contact details, photos, service options, etc. Locator plus now also uses Google Cloud for easier integration.

The LocatorPlus solution. Source: Google

• The tool Reserve with Google offers an end-to-end appointment booking flow, and connects users to a variety of services. Customers who use a store locator show interest in visiting a store. Moreover, it can give you a better insight into the store’s potential traffic and a better understanding of the services requested.

The Reserve with Google solution. Source: Google

• A new dashboard The purpose of the store locator analysis tool is to help better understand the impact of your implementation and to generate insights from your data. You will be able to measure your performance from week to week, including the number of views, the number of interactions with the Search and Location Details functions, and the overall engagement rate.

The Store Locator Dashboard for Google Maps. Source: Google

Solutions that, without a doubt, should help developers to offer easier and deeper integration of maps in their Store Locators.

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