Google Maps: 4 essential tips for your holidays

As the summer holidays approach, an important question arises: how to organize your trip well, to be sure that everything goes off without a hitch? The answer lies in an application: Google Maps, and its features that could greatly help you.

In recent years, Google has become a master in the art of the smartphone. Its high-end Pixel series of phones shows us that the Mountain View, Calif.-based company is a veritable Swiss army knife of tech. The excellent Google Pixel 6 has proven it and the Google Pixel 7 is about to confirm it, the giant is not there to spare its tough competition.

But remember that this commercial turning point is relatively recent. Before making very good smartphones, Google was the master of the Internet, with its search engine which has imposed itself over the years in a virtual monopoly, as well as applications for smartphones, from Gmail to Google Drive, through Google Home, to Google Maps. And it is precisely this last app that interests us today. If it is very practical for planning your routes and navigating the globe, it is just as useful for planning your holidays. Here are four features that should soon be indispensable to you when you go on a trip.

Use Google Maps offline to save your plan

If you are traveling abroad, you may sometimes wonder what your package is worth when you are not in France. Depending on the country where you are and the formula you have opted for, you can benefit from more or less data to browse the Internet and use your favorite applications. The same goes for Google Maps, which consumes your precious MB every time you use it. Except here it is: it is not necessary.

You can fully use the application offline, to be sure to consume to a minimum. But it is still necessary to have prepared the ground before leaving. To do this, go to the section “Offline Maps”, from your profile in the app. It’s up to you to select the area(s) you want to have access to without a connection. All you have to do is choose the surface you are interested in before downloading everything. Be careful though, this will take a little space on your phone, between 100 MB and 1 GB, depending on the area you are recording.

Google Maps, even in tall buildings

The very essence of Google Maps is that of being a virtual map for finding your way around the street. But did you know that in some large infrastructures, you can also use Google Maps? This is the case in an airport, or a shopping center, for example. And it changes your life. When you are stressed on the day of departure, finding your terminal and your boarding gate can sometimes be hell. Ditto in a shopping center that we do not know and where all the indications are in a language that you do not speak. Google Maps therefore offers you a tab that will allow you to find your way around these labyrinths and even shows you the location of restaurants, shops and even car parks. Practice.

A reservation in a restaurant with Google Maps

What if booking a table in a restaurant was even easier than you imagined? Usually this is done over the phone. And of course, it is not complicated. Except when you’re abroad, you have a rather average command of English, Spanish, the local language, and it’s hard to understand and be understood. Except that with Google Maps, you no longer need to make a phone call to make a reservation for two, with a sea view.

To do this, simply go directly to the home page of the application. At the top of the screen you will see a button “Restaurants”. You just have to click on it to see all the surrounding establishments. Once you have found the right one, choose “To book a table”, for restaurants offering the option, and voila. Even easier than saying hello in Spanish.

Share your position to better find yourself on Google Maps

When you go on vacation as a couple, as much as in a group, not everyone necessarily wants to visit the same thing. Especially when said group is large. There are those who want to go shopping, those who prefer to sunbathe on the beach, or those who want to recharge their cultural batteries by visiting as many museums as possible. It’s all well and good, but if we want to meet during the day, or even at the end, how do we do it? Nothing could be simpler: we share our position on Google Maps.

This will give you the opportunity to know in real time where everyone is, to better anticipate what’s next. To do this, simply go to the section “Location Sharing” of your profile on the application. You can then choose to whom and for how long to show your location, so that no one can track you forever either. This should greatly simplify your life, for a truly relaxing and hassle-free holiday.

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