Google hardens the war against Apple

Switch from iPhone to Android 12?

The two world technological leaders have been crossing swords for years to impose their operating system. All shots are allowed. Now, the tool to easily migrate Apple iPhones to Android 12 is offered universally and is no longer restricted to Google smartphones. Of course, the octopus rhetoric of the web is relentless.

The Mountain View giant explains in particular in ten points the superiority of its system over that of Cupertino. Let’s go over some arguments that are a little on the level with the daisies to stop on a reason that is at the very least amazing on Android…

Google insists on privacy

“On your new phone, your data is proactively protected by Android. Android helps defeat bad apps, malware, phishing, and spam, and keeps you ahead of threats. Email, for example, helps protect people from 1.5 billion spam messages per month,” Google writes here.

“Android also provides timely recommendations, such as prompting you to select your location sharing preferences when you open an app, to help you make the best decisions for your privacy. Learn more about how to preserve the confidentiality and security of your data”, insists the first world search engine.

What to think? What collateral damage?

Obviously, these lines could hit the bull’s eye or irritate more than one head, given the efforts made by Apple in this area. Not to mention its reputation for security, in particular because of its policy of publishing applications, which are all verified, while Google allows publishing and then monitors, even if it means deleting those that are dangerous. I’ll let the user judge.

Otherwise, if you are bored of your iPhone, Google offers you this procedure. With or without a cable, the internet giant explains how to transfer content from its iPhone to its brand new Android device. Not tested yet. Good luck. Especially when we learn that the application transfer only concerns those that are free!

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