FOCUSTECH | Togg, a Turkish electric car that targets the European market

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FOCUS OF THE DAY ➡ News electric cars could arrive on the French market very soon. The company of Turkish origin Togg has developed an electric vehicle and autonomous production of which is expected to begin in the fall. In June, it formalized the opening of its factory in Gemlik which includes more than 1800 collaborators.

For the CEO Gürcan Karakasspoke on a keynote at the last show Vivatech in Paris, Togg gives himself 18 months to develop on the Turkish market before tackling exports throughout Europe. The goal here 2030 being to succeed in producing one million units of 5 models of different cars, from the same chassis. A range from break to the compact passing through the sedan and the SUV.

The first model produced will be the SUV and it will have a range of up to 500km and more, a refill of 80% battery in less than 30 minsan acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds, a maximum speed of 180 km/h as well as a battery guarantee of 8 years. On-board technology is planned and controllable using a dedicated application and the roof will also be equipped with solar panels to recharge the batteries while driving.

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