Cryptocurrency alternative: 3 actions to invest in blockchain technology


Nvidia is the industry leader in the production of graphics processing units (GPUs), which are essential elements for cutting-edge technological advancements such as artificial intelligence, driverless cars and video games.

GPUs are also important coins for cryptocurrency mining. Miners validate transactions on the blockchain using specialized GPUs in exchange for new units of digital currencies.

Although falling cryptocurrency prices have slowed sales of CMP chips from Nvidia aimed at cryptocurrencies, sales could resume if the cryptocurrency market rebounds. And even if this is not the case, Nvidia is the market leader in these other activities.


Block, formerly known as Square, is a financial technology company with two main business segments: its personal finance platform Cash App and its payment processing ecosystem for small businesses. The company’s name change reflects a shift in focus on blockchain technology solutions.

Introducing Round Ups. Opt in to round each of your Cash Card purchases up to the nearest dollar. Use the spare change to automatically invest in stock, ETFs, or bitcoin when you spend. It’s a very easy way to invest over time. Here’s how it looks in real life →

Block also operates the Square Online Store platform, which helps businesses build their omnichannel and e-commerce capabilities.

The most obvious use of Cash App is for the quick and easy buying and selling of Bitcoins. This is a significant part of the group’s activity, which estimates Bitcoin purchases at more than $10 billion in 2021 alone.

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IBM has taken important steps to revive its growth. For example, its purchase of open-source software maker Red Hat provided it with several cross-selling options for its business customers.

When it comes to blockchain, IBM Blockchain has already delivered game-changing solutions to clients such as Home Depot, Renault, Albertsons, and many more. IBM Blockchain strives to help its customers create more reliable and efficient supply chains.

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