Crypto-loving millennials? Encouraging figures delivered by this study

4 out of 10, a good score? – About 6 months after the investment advice from billionaire Tim Draper to millennialsa new study reveals theenthusiasm of this generation for cryptocurrencies.

Crypto love: a question of age?

They are between 26 and 40 years old, and are fond of cryptocurrencies. According to a survey by the investment company Alto, 40% of American millennials hold cryptocurrencies.

What about 60%? The umpteenth blow of the glass half empty and the glass half full, we know. Figures from the survey reveal that a large portion of millennials who do not own cryptocurrencies, plan to acquire in the near future. What to fill this void, with a bit of full!

But another point of objection would raise the differencesde facto, between intention and reality. Between the ” I want “ and the ” I can “the difference can be significant.

A counter-argument? Niet! The founder and CEO of Alto even provides grist for the mills of objectors, pointing out the difficulties faced by millennials, who suffer the “Rise in the cost of living” and the“increased student loan debt”.

Cryptocurrencies, they want some, maybe, but the economic crisis hurt their wallets. Millennials cannot afford the luxury of“investing for the future” in a present that is already financially complicated for them.

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And still other figures to close the study

Between stocks and cryptocurrencies, parity is respected among millennials. If 40% of Americans who belong to this generation own cryptocurrencies, almost the same proportion owns stocks.

And at the risk of being lynched for what seems to be a grotesque advertising slogan, cryptocurrencies are the future or rather theirs. 70% of millennials who hold cryptocurrencies, have included digital assets in their individual retirement account (IRA).

What if cryptos didn’t exist? Millennials wouldn’t try to make them up. They classify theimmovable at the forefront of alternative investments Bitcoin (BTC) and his juniors. 77% would allocate their funds to it, while 67% would prefer innovative funds, compared to 55% forangel investing.

Of the encouraging data on cryptocurrency adoption thus continue to flow in the middle of a bear market, while the context reminds us of the importance and the need to refocus on the fundamentals.

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