Google Maps Offers New Store Locator Integration Features – SEO & Engine News

For sites offering a Store Locator to their visitors, Google Maps has just announced new features for updating information and booking appointments, as well as a new dashboard allowing to obtain statistics of using the tools provided… Google Maps recently announced new possibilities for website publishers looking to integrate geographic and cartographic type information into … Read more

Update Google Chrome Browser to Fix New Zero-Day Exploit Detected in the Wild

Google released security updates on Monday to address a high-severity zero-day vulnerability in its Chrome web browser that it says is being exploited in the wild. The gap, followed as CVE-2022-2294concerns a heap overflow error in WebRTC component that provides real-time audio and video communication capabilities in browsers without the need to install plugins or … Read more

Google Cloud Unveils Partnership With H&M

Advertising The agreement will enable the global retail house to create stronger omnichannel customer experiences and optimize internal supply chains through an enterprise data backbone. This will be done through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. Google Cloud adds that this will also include implementing a new data mesh to make all … Read more

Complaint against Google for its registration process – ICT news

Several European consumer associations have filed a complaint against the system used by Google for registrations, which would unnecessarily complicate the strengthening of privacy settings. This is announced by the federation of European consumer associations BEUC. The complaint was lodged by the French consumer association, but similar organizations in the Czech Republic, Norway, Slovenia, the … Read more

Google tool shows water and vegetation on Earth’s surface in near real time

Advertising Google’s latest mapping tool takes the power of Google Maps and brings near real-time data on the world’s water, vegetation, snow, and human development. Called Dynamic World, the tool can help understand the effects of environmental disturbances, flooding, wildfires, deforestation and urban development, the company said in a blog post Thursday. Advertising “Global land … Read more

API security is getting stronger at Google Cloud

With its latest security update, Google Cloud intends to reduce attacks targeting APIs. Ahead of the weekend, Google announced a security tightening of Google Cloud APIs. Using the Advanced API Security framework, users will be able to identify potential threats, suppress bot traffic, and spot data breaches caused by misconfigurations or API attacks. Advanced API … Read more