These 5 awesome tips will make you use Google Maps better – Fredzone

Today, the digitization of the world through applications greatly facilitates our daily lives and Google Maps is not on the sidelines. The application allows its users to locate themselves, but also facilitates the location of places thanks to an integrated GPS. Frequently updated, it integrates more and more features that should be discovered for better … Read more

Google victim of a technical failure (due to an explosion in a datacenter?) – SEO and search engines news

Google seems to have experienced a major outage last night following an explosion in one of its datacenters in the United States. This morning, some results of his search engine seem very disturbed… It seems that Google has been experiencing major technical problems since yesterday due to a general outage, which could be the result … Read more

What is Google Fi and how does it work? –

Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides voice calling, texting and mobile broadband services. Based in the US, it is mostly associated with US cellular carriers, but you can use it for international calls and international data is also available. Coverage and service are similar to major carriers, while pricing is … Read more