for an abortion, Google Maps can take you to a pro-life facility

During research, Google’s mapping service offered women wishing to have an abortion establishments that advocate for the continuation of pregnancies. When it comes to abortion, the king of research loses its luster. Pregnant people seeking abortions have been surprised to be taken by Google Maps to “fake clinics”. Beyond not offering abortions, these centers have … Read more

Google PC and Console Report 2022: Diversity and Inclusion Are Key to Global Success

Featured by Google for Games Reach more gamers with insights from Google for Games on topics like international expansion, esports, monetization, and more. Find more articles from this series here. Games designed for PC and consoles that consider community building, diversity, and inclusion from the start tend to enjoy higher levels of success globally. These … Read more

Telex: Sage seizes Lockstep, Google Cloud closes IoT Core service, Hackers extort the wrong target

– Sage grabs Lockstep. The accounting solutions publisher has announced the acquisition of the American company Lockstep. It offers a cloud platform to network more than 40 different accounting solutions. Sage will therefore use this platform to expand its offer for SMEs and SMIs. He also gets his hands on a large client portfolio with … Read more