The 3 Most Viable Options in the Current Crypto Market Recession: Quilvius, Ripple, and Solana

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn While the benefits of crypto sound appealing, there are significant concerns online as well. The current crypto crash is the second significant drop in crypto in less than a month. For the first time since January 2021, the value of the cryptocurrency market fell below $1 trillion. Many people are … Read more

These 70 questionable cryptocurrency projects according to Binance

An application launched by the giant Binance identifies in real time cryptocurrency projects considered malicious. “The following projects have been deemed untrustworthy and carry extremely high levels of risk.” Here is what we can read at the top of the section “Red Alarmof the DappBay application, launched in mid-July by Binance’s BNB Chain blockchain. At … Read more

The financial situation of the Celsius platform is even worse than expected

A document from Celsius’s law firm reveals accounts even more disturbing than when the company filed for bankruptcy a month ago. Bad news for the 1.7 million users of Celsius. The financial horizon for the cryptocurrency lending platform, which declared bankruptcy a month ago, is even worse than expected. Celsius’s law firm, Kirkland & Ellis, … Read more

Why the Tornado Cash case is upsetting the crypto ecosystem

The cryptocurrency “mixing” service has been blacklisted by US authorities. However, some voices in the sector point to an invasion of user privacy. The battle between regulators and decentralized finance (DeFi) is heating up in the United States. On August 8, the so-called cryptocurrency mixing service Tornado Cash was blacklisted by the Office of Foreign … Read more

“I was wrong”: after the collapse of the cryptocurrency terra, its creator publicly admits his mistake

It will have caused investors to lose $40 billion, and more than $500 billion in the cryptocurrency market. Do Kwon, 31, co-founder of TerraUSD, admitted to having “wrong” after a collapse “brutal” of his stablecoin. “I think the best way to heal wounds is to just be honest and admit I was wrong”said the young … Read more

What explains the NFT trend?

NFT here, NTF there, you’ve probably heard this word before, but what is it really? For a few months now, the word NFT has been part of our vocabulary, but many do not know exactly what it means. If you are looking to understand why NFTs are trendy and especially to understand its interest, this … Read more

Investors have their eyes on dogecoin and shiba

Despite the last two crypto-crashes, investors are making a strong comeback to the cryptocurrency market. While bitcoin and ether remain the two main cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization, the attention of cryptocurrency investors is currently turning to somewhat exotic cryptocurrencies, in particular dogecoin and shiba inu, underlines an analysis by Marketwatch . The same stocks … Read more