Cardano: the Vasil fork finally enters the testnet

Everything comes at the right time to who knows how to wait – The hard fork Vasil was finally spear on the testnet of Cardano (ADA). ADA fans can therefore be reassured. The adventure continues for their favorite project which has become accustomed to advancing against winds and tides. And a little just 14 days late will surely not shake their certainties. We take a quick look at this expected update.

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Better late than never: Vasil finally on the testnet

When a blockchain project wants to make significant changes to its network, it will first do a whole host of tests on a parallel network. The network will be forked – i.e. copied identically – then tested. This is what just happened to Cardano. And the team announced it on July 3 during the day.

Input Output HK is the organization that drives Cardano, and the famous Charles Hoskinson is the CEO. On Twitter, one of the spokespersons said that with this change:

“(…) developers would benefit from significantly improved performance and scripting efficiency, but also reduced costs. »

The team encourages also project developers, stake pool operators and cryptocurrency platforms deployed their work So testnet. This will ensure that the applications are working properly before Vasil goes live on the main network.

Cardano team announces the launch of the hard fork on the testnet – Source: Twitter

Cardano continues its development as planned

At Cardano we talk about 4 weeks before this launch. It should enable faster block creation and greater scalability for decentralized applications. Vasil will also allow theinteroperability between the different sidechains. This is one of the major working objectives of the current phase of development, called “Basho”. As a reminder, we are in the fourth phase of the project. The next one, named “Voltaire”will have governance as its focal point.

The previous stage, “Goguen”, focused on smart contract capabilities. Its implementation has enabled the launch of numerous applications around decentralized finance. The Cardano team continues to work and will therefore announce the switch to the mainnet when “ecosystem partners will be comfortable and ready”.

The project Cardano is always very popular within a part the crypto community. The slightest of its evolutions is scrutinized by its fans who always accumulate the house token, whatever the configuration of the market. Moreover, institutions cheerfully fill their bags from ADA while waiting for better days on the markets…

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