Businesses: Three Reasons to Choose Hilo Technology

Well known to its residential customers, Hilo now offers companies its intelligent power management service to enable them to contribute to Quebec’s energy transition. And large local companies are already part of the adventure! Will you be the next to take up the challenge?

Hilo is one of Hydro-Québec’s promising subsidiaries. Why ? Simply because it is able to balance variations in energy demand to meet the growing needs of the network, like a virtual power plant.

The software technologies that Hilo offers allow it to control the consumption of electromechanical equipment installed in its customers’ business premises. “We modulate the heating, ventilation and humidification of smart buildings for a few hours, while minimizing the impact on occupant comfort,” explains Sébastien Fournier, the company’s president and CEO.

During periods of severe cold, energy demand is at its highest. Quebec must then import electricity for a total of one hundred hours per year. These imports, of less clean energy than that produced by Hydro-Québec, come at a high price. A phenomenon that it is however possible to better plan by asking companies in particular to shift the energy consumption of their buildings at the appropriate time.

Participating companies will therefore agree as of the next cold season to reduce their consumption when the demand for electricity is at its peak. The process for taking advantage of this service is very simple and there are plenty of reasons to join!

1) Take advantage of a turnkey solution

Hilo supplies, installs and subsidizes all the equipment needed to generate better energy management during peak periods. “ Our solution is compatible with the vast majority of existing control systems on the market. Our energy monitoring tool allows you to monitor the performance of your building throughout the year and during the Hilo challenges”, sums up Sébastien Fournier.

This web platform reserved for customers will be called upon to evolve over time. In the opinion of the CEO himself, a roadmap established over a few years will allow current customers to benefit from several other advantages in the future. At present, it is the turnkey nature of this solution that is attracting attention. “You get a full audit of the building upfront and then the intelligent power management will be on autopilot. »

2) Obtain a rapid return on investment

The second advantage is economic. “Clients who join our service do not have to make an initial investment. The project is profitable from the first winter,” he explains. But Hilo also intervenes on a second level to give a shock to this return on investment: the company encourages your participation in exchange for a financial incentive.

Just like residential customers, corporate citizens can now take up Hilo challenges. They in turn relieve the electricity grid during peak periods and obtain cash rewards of up to several thousand dollars. “The recovered megawatt has a lot of value for Hydro-Québec in the context of the current energy balance,” he notes.

3) Contribute to a major social project

IKEA, Rosemont College, Cascades, Carbonleo, Manulife, Bromont National Cycling Center and Montoni are examples of forward-thinking companies that participated in the pre-launch phase of the smart power management service. “ Since then, Groupe Mach and the Maison du développement durable have also confirmed their support for this major societal project to pursue Quebec’s urgent energy transition,” he adds.

After all, the most environmentally friendly energy is still that which is not consumed. “Hilo is one of the good reflexes to adopt to reconcile energy needs and environmental imperatives”, concludes Sébastien Fournier, enthusiastic. So, do you want to join the Hilo movement?

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