Blockchain Elrond: These launchpads that bring a lot of money to EGLD holders!

Today we are going to discuss the different Elrond blockchain launchpad (EGLD) and the fact that they all fetch huge amounts of money for the various EGLD holders. It all started last November with the first launchpad (hectic to say the least) Holoride and his token Ride.

But before telling you about the different gains generated by the lucky holders of this token, let’s see together what is the procedure to have the possibility ofget tokens before listingin order to hope to make an interesting added value.

What is the procedure and how to obtain tokens for new projects launching on the Elrond blockchain before the official listing?

  1. First of all, you have to go to the following site : in order to be able to access the latest launchpad on the Elrond blockchain.
  2. Once on the site, you will need provide some information and validate them for their internal system, this is called validate your KYC.
  3. Once validated, you will have to wait for the day when it is possible tobuy tickets which will give you the chance to win tokens from this new project. However, in order to acquire these tickets, you will first need to have stacked a minimum of 1 EGLD and on the other hand pay an amount indicated on the “How to Guide”. This sum will be refunded to you in the event that your purchased ticket is not one of the lucky winners.
  4. A few days later, the winning tickets are drawn. Either you won and you have the chance toacquire tokens with the listingor you have lost and the amount of your ticket is refunded to you.

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Note that on the first Holoride launchpad, some people made an x100 with an entry ticket of $200. What makes $20,000.

However, EGLD tries to regulate its launchpads as much as possible and on the last one with Itheum, Elrond tried a new listing in order to avoid the various bots from speculating on a short duration during the launch of the listing and hurting certain investors.

However, it was still possible last April toperform a x20 with this new listing design.

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