Paralytic polio case confirmed, concern of hundreds of virus infections in New York

The American health authorities warn the population about the presence of this strain and invite vaccination. The disease that was supposed to have been eradicated in some countries has reappeared. Certain viral strains have been identified in certain countries such as the United Kingdom, Pakistan, in Africa… And the United States is concerned about possible … Read more

The trial of French footballer Benjamin Mendy, accused of rape, opens in the United Kingdom

The player, who denies the ten charges, faces life imprisonment. Article written by Posted on 08/10/2022 08:16 Update on 08/10/2022 08:20 Reading time : 1 min. The trial of footballer Benjamin Mendy, accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault, opens on Wednesday August 10 in Chester (United Kingdom). Aged 28, the … Read more

Microsoft Launches Interactive Tool to Understand Azure (Xbox Cloud Gaming Technology) | XboxOne

Cloud technology, or more commonly known as the cloud, is a significant part of what makes up the operation of online Microsoft services, including Xbox Cloud Gaming. To see more clearly, Microsoft unveils an interactive and fun tool, allowing you to understand how it all works. An interactive and useful map Microsoft Azure is a … Read more

client-side encryption is coming to Workspace accounts

This encryption was expected, as it is already available in Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides. It allows Workspace (paid) account holders direct control of encryption keys. The function is intended, according to Google, “ businesses that need an extra level of privacy and makes the media indecipherable, including by Google “. All data is concerned: … Read more

in Marseille, the vaccination slots in pharmacies against monkey pox are taken by storm

In the back of the shop, behind the counter, Julien, the pharmacist, takes inventory: “The vaccines, we received them this morning”. His pharmacy, in the 6th arrondissement of Marseille, is one of five pharmacies in France – in Paris, Fréjus, Lille and Marseille – to be able to inject doses of monkeypox vaccines to people … Read more

Hardware and software integration, Google would draw a lot of inspiration from Apple for the future of Google TV

Two years after the launch of Chromecast with Google TV, which inaugurated the new Android TV interface (baptized Google TV, like the old name of Android TV… Everyone follows?), the search engine has not forced its talent. The OS was entitled to some marginal improvements and the reinforcement of applications including Apple TV, but it … Read more