Apple Plans will overtake Google Maps on a feature, a first

Apple Maps may well have a feature missing from Google Maps. This would be a first, the service of Apple mainly drawing its inspiration from its main competitor. Journalist Steve Moser found several references to e-bikes in the Apple Maps code. This suggests the launch of optimized routes for e-bikes.

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For years, Apple Maps suffers from comparison with Google Maps, the gold standard for mapping services. Despite everything, the apple brand regularly integrates new features (often inspired by those of Google Maps elsewhere) to hope catch up with its main competitor.

Thus, in 2021, Apple Maps has equipped itself with a function to display overloaded businesses, practical in this period of a pandemic. The app also warns users of possible weather-related hazards. Among the latest innovations to date, Apple intends to modify in depth the graphic aspect of Apple Maps with cities all in 3D.

Electric bike routes are coming to Apple Maps

However, the application developer and journalist Steve Moser reveals this Monday, July 4 his latest discovery about Apple Plans. While digging through the code of the latest version of the application, he found new lines referring to the expression “E-Bike”, as well asa route optimization feature for e-bike users.

Unfortunately and for now, this feature is not yet available in Apple Maps, which suggests that it must still be in the testing phase at Apple. It’s hard to know what the differences will be between the routes for classic bikes and electric bikes. However, we suspect that the app will take the initiative to offer steeper routes (in any case with more relief) in order to make the most of the electric motorization of these bikes.

These routes could also display charging stations on the way, so you can refuel along the way. Anyway, this is an excellent initiative from Apple, at a time when urban mobility is a booming market. In England, for example, the first free charging stations for electric bicycles have begun to appear, while a Swedish brand has just launched a kit allowing you to transform your bicycle into an electric bicycle at a lower cost.

Source: Tom’s Guide

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