Apple: No mini-LED technology for MacBook Air

MacBook Airs will lack Apple’s latest laptop display technology.

While MacBook Pros feature mini-LED technology, many expected the M2-powered Air to have it as well. If not now, when ? Currently, Apple is exploring next-gen display options, but will mini-LED be a part of the lot in the near future?

Today, Apple offers two styles of displays in the MacBook line. Along with the new design across the entire line, last year’s 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops were the first to use mini-LED technology. This offers a more vibrant on-screen color selection, deeper blacks that help increase contrast levels, and lower power consumption compared to older display technologies.

This old technology is found in the entry-level MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. These models continue to use an LED-backlit display with IPS technology. Given Apple’s reluctance to include more innovation on the cheapest MacBook Pro, the use of older technology should come as no surprise. However, with the new MacBook Air using the latest design language and mirroring the features of the MacBook Pro, many expected mini-LED technology to feature on the new models as well. This is not the case.

Maybe Apple wants to reserve this technology only for high-end laptops. If so, consumers will surely have to wait for Apple to develop the next generation of display technology for high-end MacBooks before they find mini-LED technology in mainstream laptops.

Fortunately, Apple is already working on the sequel. According to analyst Ross Young, 2024 will be the year Apple catches up with other laptop makers and releases a MacBook with a display featuring OLED technology. This technology should provide better contrast, brighter screens, wider viewing angles and a greater color gamut.

Given that the announcement of the M2 processor this month comes two years after the reveal of the M1 processor, the timeline of events suggests that the M3 generation will be the first to feature OLED displays.

When that happens, maybe Apple’s entry-level laptops will come with a mini-LED display.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Ewan Spence

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