Apple Maps could take over Google Maps, the Xiaomi 12 are revealed, this is the recap of the week

Apple Plans could catch up with Google Maps, the new high-end Xiaomi smartphones unveiled, the price of graphics cards continues to collapse, this is the recap of the week.

While a new feature on Apple Plans could appeal to cyclists, researchers are working on quantum batteries to allow future electric cars to do without recharging. If graphics card prices are still falling, a new rumor reports that the iPhone 14 Pro Max could expect the price of 2000 euros. If you are looking for a good photophone, you might be seduced by the new 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra smartphones from Xiaomi, which relies heavily on the photo part.

Will we one day be able to drive electric cars without having to recharge them?

This is what many international researchers think, who are currently working on a future revolutionary battery, which would allow electric cars to do without recharging. The researchers explained in the scientific journal Science Advances that quantum batteries could be energy dense enough for the cars of the future to drive for hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

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A feature for cyclists soon on Apple Maps

It was journalist Steve Moser who lifted the veil on this future Apple Maps feature that could appeal to electric bike users. Indeed, the application could soon offer routes for E-Bikes as well as the charging stations available on the route. If Steve Moser’s discovery is correct, then Apple Maps could catch up with Google Maps, which does not offer this option.

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Low graphics card prices don’t make gamers happy

As stated by our colleagues from Tom’s Hardware, graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD are now selling for 57% less than in January, after two years of particularly exorbitant prices. If we imagine that this huge fall is good news, the fact remains that the prices are still very high. Note that this price drop is mainly explained because players and cryptocurrency miners are now starting to sell their used GPU in order to obtain a new generation model.

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Will you have to pay 2000 euros to get the iPhone 14 Pro Max?

If the launch of the future iPhone 14 is only scheduled for September 14, the new generation continues to be talked about. We know in particular that Apple plans to increase the prices of its smartphones. If leaker @TheGalox_ is to be believed, each iPhone 14 model could go up by $100. Thus, the 1TB Pro Max version could reach the record price of 1839 euros.

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Xiaomi 12, 12S Pro, 12S Ultra: future excellent photophones

Xiaomi took advantage of a conference in China to unveil its new smartphones, the 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra. The Chinese manufacturer has chosen Leica as a partner to improve the photo part and could thus dominate the market with its giant 1-inch main sensor. For the moment announced only in China, let’s cross our fingers that these future impressive photophones will one day arrive in France…

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Our tests of the week

Asus Zenbook Pro 16X OLED: a very convincing little gem

Asus offers here a computer of very good quality which should seduce you if you are looking for a powerful premium PC, with excellent heat management, a keyboard which rises and a particularly interesting Dial Wheel, if we forget that it is not very well placed. The stylus is not very useful and the breath is very noisy, but we love its beautiful OLED screen and its impeccable design.

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Asus Rog Phone 6 Pro: an excellent gaming smartphone

Asus is further improving its ROG Phone concept with its new version, the 6 Pro, which takes first place on the podium of the best gaming smartphones of the moment. We love its design, specially designed for gaming, its ecosystem of accessories, and its excellent gaming platform. Gamers will also appreciate its ultra-smooth and very bright screen, excellent audio experience and fast charging. An almost perfect smartphone, except that it is still a bit heavy and the two secondary photo sensors are not very good.

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Asus Zenbook S13 OLED: an almost perfect laptop

With the Zenbook S13 OLED, Asus offers a quality laptop with a very interesting weight/power ratio. We were pleasantly surprised by the excellent performance and very good autonomy, especially in energy saving mode, of this complete device. The screen is very well calibrated and the numeric keypad integrated into the touchpad is still just as effective. The only shadows on the board, the 720P webcam does not measure up and we regret the absence of a USB-A port.

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