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A risk management study by the EPIC (not Epicgames) said the UK and the rest of Europe should follow the example of Belgium and the Netherlands, where loot crates or boxes are banned for games that minors can play.

They’ve also launched a campaign that should help parents and caregivers understand what these “loot crates” are. loot crates or boxes are, and how they can induce gambling habits in their adult life.

As we know, a person is not fully developed until the age of 25. Everything that happens before this age leaves the child or the person in question vulnerable to the influence of environmental changes and habits. That’s why EPIC assessed that loot boxes could trick children and people into gambling habits later in life.

Let’s talk about some numbers that EPIC based their statement on. The EPIC study found that 30% of 1,800 children surveyed at 31 schools had purchased loot crates or cosmetics or the like. 19% of them had gambled in the previous year and 5% of children who had gambled showed signs of real risk of developing gambling addiction or gambling habits later in life.

Additionally, 3% of children who had gambled admitted that they suffered financial distress or stress because of it.

Perhaps more telling is that 55% of kids surveyed, and 88% of those who have played, said loot crates are a native feeling to the game. And that the game would be incomplete without a system. from lootcrates, which once again shows EPIC how much they appreciate loot boxes in video games.

Not a surprise

Not long ago there was a scourge of illegal CS:GO casinos popping up and allowing players under the age of 18 to play skins, cosmetics and the like on the site against the house (the casino) or to play against other players. The creator of CS:GO Value has fought a long and difficult battle to shut down one CS:GO casino after another.

However, to date, there are still quite a few CS:GO casinos. csgo game sites available to play, which in a way can be a very cheap and easy way to get a new look or skin in CS:GO.

When considering playing at CS:GO casino, make sure you are well informed and do your own research on what is currently allowed and what is not.

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