Aardvark relies on Ibex.Ai technology to grow its business.

Aardvark Technologiesa provider of online gaming solutions, has decided to expand its offer by partnering with an artificial intelligence company. Ibex.Ai.

The company’s focus is on helping operators access new and existing markets by providing betting products and software solutions – in particular by enabling access to the best providers.

By partnering with Ibex.Ai, Aardvark aims to improve the offer to its customers by giving them access to the latter’s CRM tools, which can be used to create marketing adapted to each customer.

“Expanding a business in the online gaming industry requires not only acquiring new customers, but also retaining existing customers,” said Dr. Simas DenisovasCEO of Aardvark Technologies.

“Ibex.Ai was exactly what we were looking for as they developed a system with a different approach to allow the maximum possible customization and an extremely high level of automation, which we believe is crucial for our partners. »

Ibex’s products target individual customers with profitable offerings “through the right channels at the right time”, using monetization-based calculations to increase said profitability based on accountability requirements.

The company has developed a system for online gaming operators, the end goal of which is to increase customer retention and added value through personalization and machine learning algorithms.

By offering these solutions, the company hopes to give CRM teams more time to focus on areas like brand management and marketing, while building a budget.

Thomas AignerHead of Business Development at Ibex.Ai, added, “We are delighted to be working with Aardvark Technologies, with whom we share a passion for using cutting-edge technologies.

“This not only enhances the overall player experience, but provides its partners with a level of customization and automation that fundamentally changes the way their marketing teams will work, allowing them to grow faster in existing and new markets. . »

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