A Thetford resident behind revolutionary technology


A Thetfordois is behind a new technology to improve the performance of athletes.

Maxime Provencher now lives in Quebec and founded the company SciencePerfo in 2015 with Simon Laurendeau and Léandre Gagné-Lemieux. They have just launched the “SpeedTracker”, a technology allowing to analyze with precision the performance of athletes, on skates or in the race, and to offer them tailor-made training programs…

Since 2015, SciencePerfo has refined its research and adapted its technology to expand its offer to all sports where athletes must perform sprints such as athletics, football, soccer, basketball and rugby in particular.

SciencePerfo is a Quebec company whose mission is to put science, research and technology at the service of sport, in order to revolutionize training methods and the development of athletes.

Here is the interview broadcast in Le Retour with Alain Faucher from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at Plaisir 105.5 Thetford and 107.1 Disraeli.

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