A painless technology with the promise of rejuvenating the skin

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The non-invasive technique approved by science

Developed by the French group LPG, endermologie® incorporates the principles of palpate-roll massage in a mechanical form. And it has proven itself: 150 scientific studies have confirmed the effectiveness of its action. LPG machines boost cellular activity and help fight against the phenomenon of ageing.

Expert treatments and beauty routine

Today, 28,000 professionals in the medical and aesthetic sector worldwide are equipped with LPG machines. Cellu M6® offers incredible results in the treatment of burns, scars and edema. The group’s various technologies are also very popular for slimming the silhouette, improving the texture and radiance of the skin and reducing cellulite. Clients complete their sessions with the LPG cosmetics range, available in all partner centres.


Complete training in endermologie®

In order to make its technologies accessible, LPG trains more than 5000 professionals each year and offers several training modules around the handling of the machine and expert and specialized protocols. At the same time, the group continues its research around the potential of endermologie® with the constant objective of respecting the cell, improving the well-being of users and democratizing this revolutionary technology.

Our treatment is unique because it is 100% natural and provides immediate results, with no side effects.

From family business to multinational

  • 1986: creation of LPG and endermologie® by Louis-Paul Guitay
  • 2018: resumption of activity and arrival of the Carlyle Group
  • 2022: 400 employees and 8 subsidiaries in 100 countries

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